Thursday, July 30, 2015

Taco Lettuce Wraps

I've been trying out some new recipes, since it's summer break and all. I've got to have some quick, easy, & tasty recipes up my sleeve since I start grad school in the fall. This checks all three off. And you know if I can cook it, it's easy to make because I'm no chef. Hao fills that role in our family. I'm the one who comes behind and cleans up the mess from the meal. 

Anywhoo... here's the recipe: 

1. 1 LB of beef or turkey
2. 1 packet of taco seasoning
3. 1 head of lettuce (You could also use romaine hearts or any other green, leafy veggie if you want something with more nutrients.)
3. shredded cheese (My local Harris Teeter has the legit Mexican cheese that is delicious!!)
4. any other toppings you want to use (tomato, onions, sour cream/greek yogurt, etc.)

1. Brown your meat.
2. While meat is cooking, wash and cut up lettuce.
3. Drain grease from meat.
4. Add taco seasoning & stir in well.
5. Cook meat and seasoning for a few more minutes on low to make sure seasoning is throughly soaked through meat.
6. Put meat in lettuce pieces and top with whatever you'd like.
(Basically, cook it like regular tacos, but use lettuce or any leafy greens instead of shells.)

Total time: about 15 minutes

The lettuce wraps are a great alternative to taco shells! 

Happy eating :) 

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