Thursday, March 20, 2014

st. patty's day, snow day fun, and wacky tacky day

st. patty's day {Monday}

with my fav coat on. cute & warm! 

jcrew, winter 2013

scarf from

shirt from ralph lauren, winter 2014

this heeled outfit {the bottom half, at least} was inspired from this post from wendy's look book

the 5 min bun {tutorial to come soon!}

wore heels today.
target, old

what i wore around my classroom, lol.
target, old

just the outfit.

close up with the scarf

close up. love the zipper detail here.

outfit without the scarf.

this is what teachers think about getting outta school early :)

snow ice day fun day {Tuesday}
close up of the sweater
old navy, fall 2013

jeans, thrifted

trying new poses.


i'm tired of doing the selfies in the mirror. so i'm trying something new. and i think i like it. do y'all like this angle better than the mirror selfies?

with a scarf
h&m, old

favorite pic.

wacky tacky wednesday

our school is doing a fundraiser for leukemia. the teachers dress up tacky and then the students will vote for the tackiest teacher by putting money in their box. 

i pretty much found as many patterns and different colors as i could and put them all on.

turns out we had a field trip to old salem today. i rocked all around old salem :)  

found this gem of a headband i had left in my classroom. totally made the outfit! 

the staff at my school on wacky tacky wednesday. so. much. fun.

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