Friday, March 7, 2014

our wedding

hao and i got married in august 2013. he was the best choice i ever made. i am a better woman and Christian because of him. 

here are some shots of our wedding day:

my girls and me

one last look in the mirror.

right before we saw each other for the first time.

when he saw me for the first time

the whole party

new family.

daddy's last kiss as a single girl. so emotional! 

plaything at the start of the ceremony.

vows. one of my favorite moments.

walking out of the ceremony as mr and mrs tang!!

first dance. 

father and daughter dance. i love my daddy.

cutting the cake.

hao's mom, ying, and i. The family purchased this dress for me on their last trip to China and i surprised them by wearing it for my bouquet & garter toss! 

my mom and i dancing. we both like to dance. a lot. 

hao being the DJ 

yes, we had glowsticks.

 we danced. a lot. it was kinda like middle school where the boys were on one side and the girls were on the other just having fun, lol. good times.

and things got a tiny bit crazy, in a good way.

so. much. fun.

leaving the ceremony.
{my photographer was amazing and gave me an excellent price! i recommend her!! {rainy day photography by brittany}
rehearsal dinner pics:

my parents and the happy couple

the happy couple

us in front of the host's home

they guys went to kripsy kreme afterwards {hao loves that place}.
the girls and i stayed in my parent's hotel suite. no pics were taken. we were all in pjs and no make-up; it was perfect. 

bridal breakfast
we had it at Piedmont Club in the downtown Winston-Salem BB&T building, where our reception was.

centerpieces. i loved them!

all of the attendees



the hostesses! 

my favorite. 

love the back of my dress!

i feel in love with these shoes! {exact}

we took these at the Piedmont Club in the BB&T building, where our reception was.

smiling :)
{my dress is from english's bridal in clemmons. (website) i highly recommend them! they completely re-did my dress, at an excellent price!!}

so, this picture has extreme significance. ever since i was a little girl, all through out our life stages, my dad and i have posed like this for a picture.

all-in-all, i adored my wedding day. it was a beautiful process. and though it did not come without some upsets, as all weddings do, i would do it all over again, exactly the same way, in a heartbeat. 

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