Thursday, March 6, 2014


for our honeymoon, we went to turks and caicos. we stayed on the main island, providenciales. we stayed at the seven stars resort. i didn't take a great pic of the resort, so here's some from google:

this is what the pool area looks like, though there were more umbrellas when we were there. the covered area is the grill area where we ate a lot of lunches.

the cabanas were my second favorite place to sit- a cool, cozy place to read.

my favorite place to be. we sat by the beach a lot- it had a great view and cozy chairs. there were servers that kept our drinks and bellies full all day long :)

the walkway from the beach to the pool. it was a hop, skip, and a jump from one place to the other! we would go back and forth multiple times a day since it was so convenient.

our room! the ocean view was soooo gorgeous. i didn't wanna leave!

bathroom. we could see the sunset from our tub!

the view when you pull into the resort

pool/beach at night

pool/beach during the day

{{picture so far from}}
now onto our photos.

us kayaking at our resort. this was one of hao's main activities. 

on the beach our last night. we didn't venture much off the resort, except to go to the grocery store and to a seafood festival, where we walked along the beach and this photo was taken. 

sitting at the beach with our toes in the sand= heaven.

this is us at my favorite place. we drank beer and ate a lot fries. it was awesome.

eating dinner by the beach. soooo good!

the conch i dove for!

our 1/2 day snorkeling trip

us with our snorkeling gear [minus the floaty]. we were so tan!  

all-in-all, it was  great trip. i'd go back again in a heartbeat!!

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