Wednesday, March 5, 2014

oscar fashion 2014

some good friends of ours hosted an oscars party. as we watched the red carpet, i noticed some gorgeous dresses and some not-so-gorgeous ones. 

the ones on the left and right a amazing. the one in the center is a little too fru-fru for me but outlines her body shape well.

gorgeously pregant ladies. i hope i look that good when hao and i decide to have babies!

oh, sandy, you are so pretty! i love your dress choice!

surprised not to see angelina in black for once. she looks good.

so does her future hubby ;) sorry, hao.

julia. interesting choice. not my fav, but she still looks beautiful! love the hair. 

i think this is my favorite. love the lace and the silhouette. 

these are preeeettttyyy!!

interesting choices... jennifer garner's is definitely my favorite of the three. 

jennifer lawrence made a much better choice this go round. the golden globes dress wasn't nearly as nice as this one! 
naomi's dress is my second fav.
cate's dress was sparkly and girly. love it!
lupita has quickly become a a fashion favorite of mine. love this dress as well as her red one from the gold globes.
and oh, amy, i do love you and you dresses. elegant yet colorful.

emma- so chic. love the silhouette! {if you can't tell by now, i love a good silhouette} 
anne- same to you. pretty bold, i think, with the metal.
penelope- you coulda done a lot better, though i do like the off-the-shoulder neckline. but i know you like to work outside the box.
jared- love the tux, especially the diamond buttons. also, can i have your hair?
lady gaga- super toned down for her. i think i like it.

not sure how i feel about this one, kate. the front is pretty. but the cape-like thing in the back, i'm not so sure about. 
charlize- love this, especially the train!!

anna- classically daring! great combo of both! love it!
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