Tuesday, February 25, 2014

vox box from influenster

there's this amazing website called influenster.com, which i have fallen in love with {excuse the hyperbole}. it's completely free! you sign up for it, connect it to your social media, showing them how "influential" you are. if they choose you, you get free stuff! i was completely surprised when i got an email that i was sent a vox box.

here's what was in it:

hershey's kisses {family size!!}
vaseline spray lotion for men
botanics face mask {pic of me using it below. fun fun.}
frizz ease 3 day straight flat iron spray {pics to come soon}
kiss looks so natural false eyelashes
red rose simply indulgent teas 
{pretty legit stuff, if i do say so myself} 
the box was valued at $41.14 and i didn't pay a dime, not even shipping! 

never done a face mask before. i think i put it on too thin. it was interesting. tight on my skin and smelled a lil funny. my skin was a little smother and tighter after i took it off, though. it felt good. not sure about shininess since i don't really have any issues with that.

 a close up of the bottle

this was a winner. i was super excited to see this in the box!

this tea was amazing! i drink at least 2 cups of tea daily, so getting to try tea was exciting for me. i only got 2 different flavors out of the 4 samples, and this is my favorite, so i'm kind of okay with that.  i liked it so much i've drank it multiple times, as you can see. i plan purchasing some of this tea soon, especially since it came with coupons :) 
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