Tuesday, February 25, 2014

organizing without throwing anything away.

here's me trying to organize with out throwing things away. we are staying in hao's family home while they are away, so i can't really do anything except move things around and attempt to organize the chaos. 


left side of the room

right side

closet. so much waisted space! 

left side. i tried to put as many things as i could on the bookshelves with out making them look too cluttery. i hate clutter. the items on the ground were the overflow from the closet. that's their home because i can't do anything with them. 

right side. this is my stuff from college/our wedding/paperwork/out of season clothes. i tried to stack it as neatly as possible to make the room neater. my hope was to roll out the rugs, but they were too big to do so. you can see where i moved the glass table to make the space less congested. 

the closet. since i couldn't throw anything away, i tried the real-life version of tetris and tried to put as many things safely in the closet as possible.

a better comparison view. honestly, i was pretty proud of myself, though i know it's not cute since i couldn't really add anything to the room.  

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