Monday, August 31, 2015

Literature Anchor Charts

Last Monday, I posted Informational text anchor charts. Today's post is all about literature anchor charts. Some are from Pinterest, some are from my textbook, & some are a combo.

Excuse all the wrinkles! The laminator did not like my chart paper!! 

This was taken from our textbook.

My students really struggle with theme. I'm hoping these charts may help! 

This information is from the book, except for the PNTO beans acronym. I knew the kids needed some way to remember these 4 items, so I kept saying the first 4 letters aloud... and pinto came out. PNTO beans was born. If anything, maybe it'll bring a little laughter! 

This is another tough concept for students. I'm looking forward to introducing these questions; I think they'll help! 

oh, man. I am not an artist. I laughed a lot making this, especially when I was making the duck. It started out as a rabbit... 

Again... not an artist ;) 

I use these with Whole Brain Teaching (putting motions to the words, aka mirrors & words), and it's really helped! 

Testing strategy anchor charts & how I store my charts coming next Monday, 9/7! Hope these have given you some ideas! Happy chart making :)

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