Monday, August 24, 2015

Informational Text Anchor Charts

Over the past few years of teaching, I have seen how having a visual of what you're teaching can really impact the student's understanding. So this summer I decided to make anchor charts that follow my curriculum. I also made an anchor chart wall in my classroom. Here are the informational text anchor charts I made based off the Common Core & my Holt Mcdougall curriculum: 

This is multiple charts I found on Pinterest put together.

To make this one, I took the information from our textbook and added its from another chart I found on Pinterest. That's something I love about teaching- you can find great resources & combine it to make what's perfect for your classroom! 

I wanted them to be simple & clean yet intriguing. 

This strand (strand 3) can be very difficult for students to understand. Hopefully this chart will help them understand how event/ideas/people can effect each other. 

Literature charts coming 8/31!

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