Monday, August 17, 2015

I don't like change. At all.

I really don't. Since May, I've had one of my best friends move away & multiple people that I love at work either move positions within the school or transfer schools. I am also starting grad school. Did I mention I don't like change?

It throws me for a loop.

Recently, there was a major change at my job- one that came last minute & I knew might happen, but when it did, oh my, I was so surprised!! I am so thankful for Hao who let me have my moment then helped me process the situation.

We came to conclude that this is an opportunity for growth in my life. I tend to try to control things at work to make them go smoothly. This can be a good thing, and this can be a bad thing. I tend to overcompensate to make sure things go the way I think they should go instead of stepping back and  letting things go they way the need to. It's good to want things to go smoothly (especially when you teach hormone-ladden middle schoolers), but if I try to control everything, I am going to be super stressed and the people around me feel like I am controlling, bossy, & judgmental. Guilty.

If you haven't guessed by now, I really dislike the unknown. And this change really caused a lot of unknowns. But this is giving me so many new opportunities. A fresh start. I can either take this opportunity and be upset about it, which does no good, or choose to view it as an opportunity for growth & grace, which will bring God glory.

And that's out ultimate goal. Bringing God glory. I am praying that in this situation instead of gossiping or judging, I will rely on God's power to to respond in a positive light & bring Him glory!!

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