Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Anniversary photos...

A year and a day later.

Yesterday was our two year anniversary. Last year, we had our wedding photographer come to our house and take 1 year anniversary photos. Sidenote: Hao really hates taking pictures, so this really was an act of love for him, which makes me love him even more. He really is a sweet hubby! Just had to brag for a minute, lol. 

We took some outside our house: 
It rained on our wedding day, so this has special significance. (It rained at our photo shoot for our second anniversary, too. Must be something about August 10!) 

And inside 
We chose to do our house so that one day, if we move, we will remember the place that we spent the first year of our marriage. We spent a lot of lazy Saturday's and exhausted evenings on this couch... So many good memories!!

My favorite shot!! Our sweet dog, Muffin, joined us for this shot! 

Our wedding bakery, Dewy's, gives you a whole new cake topper for your one year anniversary! 

We were able to re-use our wedding day silverware! 

Lastly, we took a picture with a picture. We plan on doing this every year! 
This reminds me of the opening credits on Modern Family where they took the picture with the picture. Hopefully one day, ours will look similar! 

Maybe I won't wait this long to post this year's photos ;) 

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