Monday, January 26, 2015

New York in September

For my 27th birthday (I still cannot believe I am 27!) this year, Hao took me to New York City! 

A shot of Grand Central when we first got there Friday night.

A sweet, hand-written note form the hotel staff!

Day 1: Saturday
Little did I know that Hao had a surprise planned for me... my parents joining us! Saturday morning after breakfast, Hao told me to listen out for the doorbell incase the staff came to get our room service. When the door bell rang- you've probably already guessed who it was- my parents! I seriously had no idea! I screamed and then just stared at them for a few seconds. I couldn't believe they were there!! These two photos were taken right after they got there. After the fact, hindsight is always 20/20, we realized we shoulda filmed it. 

We had to go to all of the "typical tourists spots"
Rockefeller Plaza 

Radio City

The NYC Public Library (It's right across from out hotel. I could have stayed in there for hours!) 

Our balcony. We enjoyed just sitting outside and relaxing after touring all day (my parents had to get up at 5:30 for their flight, so I think they were al little tired!) before we went to dinner.

This is was my parent's first time eating Korean food. We ate at Miss Korea... soooo good! 

So much food! 

Walking around the park after dinner. The weather was amazing! It was little toasty during the day (we weren't expecting that), but it felt even better at night! This park, Bryant Park, is actually right by our hotel. That's the library right behind my parents and our hotel is just on the other side. 

My sweet, sweet parents. They're awesome. I'm lucky :) 

I really love my mom! We have really great convos, but we also like to laugh a lot... mostly at each other. 

The four of us.

Hao & I

Such a cute and gorgeous park! Places like this make me want to move to NYC. The fact that you have the busy-ness of the city and there's always something to do, but also have multiple parks to just relax and have a cup of coffee.

Day 2: Sunday

Grand Central Station
We were talking with my parents and found out that they had never been to NYC together. They had both been individually about 20 years ago for work, but had never gotten to go together and tour. That just made the trip even more special! 

I just love it when my Daddy smiles. He's a really funny guy, but he doesn't smile a whole lot in photos (if you haven't already noticed), so I was lucky to get this shot! 

We ended up sitting at this table on my 27th birthday to eat some good New York cheesecake. Oh my soul, it was so good! (It was the only table open. When we sat down, we were surprised to see the 27. It kind of made the day even more special!)

The Brooklyn Bridge
These two... 

my mom, my dad, me, & Hao

Hao & I

my mom's first selfie

The Freedom Tower

Sunset shots on the flight home (I love that we can have our phones on now!):

What a great trip we had! We got a little sweaty, walked a lot, and spent some family time together in an awesome city! We are discussing going back in the spring. Here's hoping :)