Saturday, January 24, 2015

I was super emotional the other day....

I'd had this crazy parent, I'd started a new bible study at church with a new group of women (who are super awesome and I am soooo excited about but I was really nervous), and work was just nuts (the whole Mercury in retrograde thing...  Not sure if it really has an effect but I had a really rough day on Wednesday). So here comes Thursday and I am just a mess. I chose to get some extra sleep instead of getting up to have some quiet time with the Lord (bad choice) and by the time I got to work, I was just a plum mess. Well, by the end of my first class, I knew I needed something to process all these emotions that I was feeling, but couldn't really stop and think about. So I did this: 

It really helped me quickly think through the emotions I was experiencing and deal with them. Putting how I felt on one side helped me get my feelings out (which I need to do; I tend to stuff them down) and then writing who I am despite these feelings helped me combat these negative feelings stirring around in my heart. I felt a zillion times better after I did this. Truly. I felt like a lot of the heaviness of my heart had been lifted because I knew that the things on the left side weren't true. Satan could not keep me down any longer!!

Just a few hours ago, I transferred these over to my prayer/notes journal and put some scriptures to help me remember who I am when I get all caught up in my emotions. 

It's obviously still a work in progress, might just be forever because I will always experience new emotions (Yay! *insert eye roll here*) and will find new scriptures to combat Satan's negative thoughts with. But now that I've got this little strategy in my pocket, I know I can process my emotions when I need to and combat those negative thoughts when I have them (which, honestly, is way too often!). 

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