Saturday, August 9, 2014

summer trip part 2/3 {maldives}

 as we pulled into the jetty on the island, we saw dolphins, which is actually pretty rare! 

first day sunrise views 

the water was so clear & beautiful! 

the water villas. we were fortunate enough to get the last villa, so we had amazing views!! 

the whole island. 

aerial shot of the island {photo cred: google} 

the coral

a close-up of a villa

our breakfast views

the beach

hao snorkeling 

the sunset from our water villa

spotting a lizard on our way to dinner

dinner on the beach!

huge breakfast! 

and a huge lizard!

black squid

for the next few nights, we moved into a beach villa so we could experience both views. 

outdoor shower.

my favorite place.

our villa

gorgeous views! 

neat trees on the island

the beach by our villa

hao relaxing by the pool

one night we ate at a restaurant that had a sand floor. my feet loved it!

relaxing by the pool!

we met some friends and had fries and champagne for lunch!

the tide was so high that it looked like the pool went straight into the ocean!

beautiful walks from our villa to dinner

dinner & drinks

it's even pretty when it rains!

my breakfast. fried noodles & veal bacon.

right after the rain.

waiting for the chairs by the pool to dry... it didn't take long!


reading and relaxing by the pool. i was a happy camper!!

coral, a shell, and starfish i found. i was really excited! 

high tide!

us at dinner on the last night we were there

how we really feel about each other.                                                  just kidding. we like each other.

new friends!

we decided to try the hookah on our last night. it was interesting to try. don't think i'll do it again, though. i coughed a lot.

the pool area at night

the last day :( 

picking up some coral on the last day. up until this point, i'd been sunburn free. i'd planned to stay in the shade all day, so i hadn't put sunscreen on... i ended up super sunburnt.

one of the managers was from london & he gave us some great tips & places to visit while we were there!

waving us goodbye. i really didn't wanna leave. 

bye, bye hadahaa! 

the sky on the boat ride to the hotel

even the semi-sketchy airport had gorgeous views.

what an amazing place! this was definitely my favorite part! i didn't wanna leave! we've already talked about going back :) it was such a gorgeous and relaxing place to be, which was exactly what i needed! post on london tuesday! 

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