Friday, August 8, 2014

summer trip part 1/3 {istanbul}

this summer our big trip was to isatanbul, maldives, and london. our first stop was to istanbul. we were only there for a 10 hour layover, but were so excited because we were able to go out into the city! 

blue mosque:

sophia mosque

i liked seeing a cross :) 


hao and i in front of the sophia mosque

istanbul has two different parts- the european and the asain. we were only able to visit the european side.

i love love love diet coke & coke zero, so i was really excited to try this! 

hao's dinner! it was kind of like beef stew- really really good! 

myself & the host that sat us. the people there were really friendly and we enjoyed talking & joking with them! 

hao & i at the restaurant. we were sitting on the sidewalk, so it was a perfect spot to people watch!

panorama with both mosques 

after dinner, we went into the blue mosque {sophia mosque is not open to tourists, from what i understand}

we then just walked around a bit more. we knew we needed to head back soon, but kinda didn't wanna leave! 

istanbul is a gorgeous city! to be honest, it's a lot prettier than i expected! the people were pretty friendly. we had a taxi driver that was really helpful & fun to talk to. the food was really good and, of course, it was gorgeous!

maldives post coming tomorrow!


  1. These photos are so beautiful, so much character, really enjoyed seeing them

  2. Thank you! Believe it or not, these were all taken with an iPhone! Glad you enjoyed them! It's a great place to visit!

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