Saturday, June 14, 2014

where we've been & where we want to go map tutorial

here's whatcha need: 
1. a map
2. cork board at least the size of your map
3. spray adhesive
4. scissors {{i ended up using an exact knife instead}}
5. a pen to trace the map so you can cut out the cork board if needed
*most items can be found at Michael's craft store or AC Moore, maybe even Walmart*
*we purchased the map at the NYC library, but i know there are some online from Target for a pretty good deal.*

and here's how ya do it:

1. unroll the cork. flip it to where the edges are down. {{**tip: roll the cork out and put something heavy on top a day or so in advance so when you glue the map the edges don't roll back up & un-stick the map. i didn't do this & my edges rolled up, which you can see a little bit in the pics below.**}}
2. lay the map out & line it up with the edges.
3. trace the outline of the map onto the cork.
4. cut out the outline of the cork with an exacto knife.
5. spray the glue adhesive on the cork per the directions on the can. then smooth it down. i have loved this spray adhesive! it did not bubble up at all!!
6. trim the excess cork with an exacto knife.
7. since i didn't unroll the cork & flatten first, the edges started to roll up quickly. so while Hao & i were putting our pins in all the places, we put heavy stuff on the edges to straighten them out and help hold he adhesive to the paper.  {{we color coded our pins- green: where we've been, blue: where we are booked to go, & white: where we want to go}}

final look.

 where we've put the map until we get it into a frame.

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  1. Oh I just love this so much! I have wanted to do a project with a map. It's so easy to forget how big this world is!