Monday, June 2, 2014

pizookie. {recipe & tips}

recently, my the girls from my small group came over and we had a junk food party while we decided what book to read next. I made pizookie {pie & cookie} for the party!
a gooey pizza cookie! 
what you need:
1. cookie dough {family size or the tub like in the picture}
2. cake pan
3. butter {optional- only to grease the pan}
4. an oven {duh!}

steps: {easiest thing EVER!}
1. heat your oven based on the directions of the cookie dough you purchased.
2. grease your pan
3. put the cookie dough in the pan. since i had a container, i spooned it in. if you have the tube kind, you can just squeeze it in.
4. put it in the oven! baking-time-wise, you'll really want to keep an eye on it! if you have a thinner amount of dough in the pan, you can generally cut the time recommended on the container in half. since mine was thicker, it took about the same amount of time as the recommended cooking time. lets just say to stay by the oven because you want to gooey! 
5. cover with vanilla ice cream and eat while it's hot!! 

we couldn't wait to eat it! you can see how gooey the center it!
i served the ice cream separate rather than piling it on in the pan. i've seen it eaten with ice cream all in the pan and everyone eating out of it! so goooood!!

happy eating!!

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  1. So great to meet you at the NC Blogger Meetup! This looks just as delicious as you made it sound. Definitely going to keep this dessert in mind.

  2. Oh my YUM. This looks so good and I'm proud of you for making a recipe ;) So great meeting you this weekend Lura!