Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review

The lovely Stephanie Raiche offered to let me try these, and of course I said yes!! 

Here's the steps I followed:

This is how it happened. I was invited to a Facebook party by my wonderful friend, Anna. When she mentioned in the party that I should mention put these on my blog, Stephanie asked me if I wanted to try them, to which I said "YES!" & there was a set in my mailbox the next day!

Honestly, the strips weren't that hard to apply. 

>If your nails aren't perfect the first time, it's okay!! 
>make sure you seal the edges really well. There's a baggy method that Stephanie mentioned, but I haven't tried it yet.
>you might have to re-stick the strips a few times to place them correctly & that's okay!
>make sure you have actual manicure scissors. The ones I used were not small enough and I couldn't get the wrap trimmed close enough to the nail. 

>no dry time
>last a loooong time!
>a tons of options to mix and match.

>the sizes don't always match up

Would I purchase some on my own? Absolutely! I love them!! If you're interested in getting some Jamberry nails of your own, you can check them out here! 

*These nail wraps were given c/o Stephanie, but the opinions posted are all my own!*

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