Friday, May 9, 2014

How I Pretty-Up

Here are the products I use daily, or almost daily, and my opinions about them!

>Ocean Potion Aloe Lotion: I use this product in the spring/summer. Not only does it help your tan last longer, it also smells amazing!!

>Olay: This is what I use mainly in the winter or when I need some extra moistur for my skin. I also love the shimmer- it's just enough to be noticeable without being too much.

>It's a 10: This product is AWESOME! It does a great job adding volume as well as making your hair softer. It also smells fantastic!! I'm pretty sure you can only get this product at salons.

>Frizz Ease Extra Strength: I have used this product for years- and will continue to use it. I also use the Frizz Ease shampoo & conditioner. It really calms my hair and helps it stay straightened.

>Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight {trial size}: I got this in my last Influenster Vox Box. It is comparable to the Frizz Ease Extra Strength. This product also calmed my hair down. That day, I didn't even have to straighten my hair.

{You can find more information about both of these products here.}

>Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes: These are my favorite towelettes. In comparison with Neutrogena, these leave my face feeling much softer and cleaner. They do exactly what the title says- removes my make-up & leaves my face feeling fresh.

>Clinique Even Better Eyes: Under-eye circles run in my family, so it's an issue that I will be dealing with for the rest of my life. This product not only covers really well, it also reduces the actual darkness of the under eye circle! I've used other brands, and this is my favorite!

>Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion: This lotion has done wonders for my skin, especially over the winter. It gives my skin lots of moisture without being greasy or gross feeling under my make-up.

1. Covergirl Bombshell Mascara in Blackest Black: I have tried mascara after mascara & this is my favorite. Other mascara I've used either smear, flake off, or are super difficult to remove. This is just a perfect mascara- even at the bottom of the tube. I lasts all day & comes off easily with make-up remover. And, as you can see in the pictures below, does a great job at lengthening & volumizing your lashes with out being too much.

2. Revlon ColorStay Under-eye Concealer: Since I'm paranoid about my under-eye circles showing, I double up on the under-eye concealer. This stuff just adds a finishing touch & smooths everything out... and keeps my mind at ease, lol. We all have that one part of our body {or two... or three...} that we worry about ;)

3. Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream in Light/Medium: I love, love, love this stuff! It has the perfect amount of coverage with out being too thick. It can make your skin a little oily, so if you have oily skin, there is a different version you can use.

4. Revlon ColorStay Powder in Light Medium: This powder covers well & lasts a long time. I don't have to re-apply it, even when I do something after work. I like how it covers my skin, but doesn't leave it with a chalky feeling.

5. L'oreal True Match Blush in Soft Sable: You can see what it looks like on me in the picture below. The blush is rather potent, but it in a good way. You don't have to use a lot to get color on your cheeks, which means it lasts a while. Just be careful with over doing it!

6. L'oreal Infallable Eyeliner in Black: The name is pretty much true- it does last a long time and doesn't smear. It will run if your eyes water or you cry, but not as bad as others I've used. I have re-purchased this multiple times because I love it so much!

7. Revlon Lash Curler: I just started using a last curler about a year ago {and I used one in the pics below}. It has made a big difference in making my lashes noticeable.

{ColorStay products found here.} & {Loreal products found here.}

What a difference mascara makes! The bombshell mascara is one of my favorites & I highly recommend it!!

Thie finished product!

Do you have any products that you just adore?

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  1. I am in dire need of new mascara! Absolutely hating what I am using now (but apparently I'm too much of a cheap skate to toss it and buy a new one for $5) I will have to give the bombshell mascara a try! Thanks for the recommendation.