Tuesday, April 1, 2014

san fran & china part 2, shanghai

part 2 of our trip- shanghai 

 one of the first things we saw when we got off the flight... a brand with our last name! 

 at one of the many huge malls 
 there are so many expensive stores here! 

 our first meal in shanghai. i think this was my favorite- hao ordered all my favorite foods. it didn't hurt that the name of the restaurant has our last name in it!

 coke in Asia.

when we ate this meal, i was super jet lagged and hungry. i had already yelled some choice words at my hair dryer and just wanted to eat a good meal and go to sleep. we ended up walking around a lil but after our meal and then going back to our room "just to rest a little bit". we woke up at 3 am. the concierge was very helpful and found us a place open at that crazy hour. he even walked us to the place! i ended up falling back asleep after my belly was full while hao went to the gym and then sat in the lobby, which was on the 90th floor and had amazing views as well! 

city view from the above the street sidewalk. shanghai can be very smoggy, especially in the afternoon and at night.

 the outside of the mall where we had our first meal. 

tall buildings. there are a lot of these here!

 Christmas lights 

in Shanghai, there is a sidewalk above the streets connecting the malls.

apple store. 

three of the tallest buildings in the world are on the same block. they are all within a few hundred yards of each other! the one on the left with the blue lights is our hotel.
me on the above the road sidewalk in PuDong, with the pearl tower in the background.

 hao being silly in the hotel lobby.

 we stayed at the grand hyatt {hotel website}. this is the nighttime view from our hotel room on the 82nd floor.


this building in this shot is getting ready to be the second tallest in the world. this our view from our room on the 82nd floor. shanghai is so large, you can't even see it all! 

 the breakfast in our hotel was amazing! there was so much food to choose from.. and it didn't hurt that it was on the 92nd floor!! 

 panorama of our view. so gorgeous! i'd never seen a city this big before!! 

 panorama of PuDong and The Bund

 PuDong {financial district} views from The Bund


 neighborhoods in shanghai: 


asian vogue

i know this is a given, but i was still amazed at how people lived so different... and really just the fact of how many people there were all the time. it is much more amazing to see these buildings in person. the awe factor is so high! 

next post: Chongquing 

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