Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Funny Stuff From Pinterest.

So, I am pretty much addicted to Pinterest. I love to get fashion advice, but i also like to look at the humor category, especially if i've had a tough day and need a good laugh. which lately, honestly, has been pretty frequent. i'm having to learn to live with tough days and find even the smallest thing that was good to make it thought the day. anyways, here's some funny stuff i've found recently. some of it's a lil bit of adult humor, just so ya know, but it's all in the spirit of a good laugh.

best. show. ever.

this is a close second. 

such truth. i died laughing! 
haven't we all done this? 

all the time in the summer!
as soon as i read this, i immediately did that sound i my head and died laughing!! 

bless his heart. 

hope this makes your hump day {even} better!!

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