Monday, April 21, 2014

Deal With It

Easter was yesterday, which signifies that Lent is over. what did i learn? i learned to deal with it.

i mean that when situations arise in our lives, we need to deal with them instead of letting them fester, which is how bitterness is born. we can do that in three different ways:

1. do something about it: choose ask the Lord how to take action
-to me, this is when it is something big that will matter a month or a year from now. i cannot just sit and worry/complain, this is a big deal, so i need to do something about it.
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2. let it go... let  it go...: choose to do nothing and let it go. give it to the Lord, tell him you're letting it go and stick with it.
-to me, this is when it is something small that won't matter next month or that you have decided to invest in anymore.

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3. wait: when you ask the Lord for how to handle something, sometimes he says to wait or the situation is causing you to wait. this is when we have to continually give it back to the Lord to work on and handle.

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i have learned that i've got to stop letting things fester and make a choice to either do something about it, let it go, or wait. and either way i choose, i need to be satisfied with my decision so that i don't worry about the choice i made, which will take me down the exact path i am trying to avoid. that satisfaction comes from praying about it and following God's answer and trusting that he is in control, whether that is to do something, wait, or let it go.

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