Sunday, March 30, 2014

spritiual warfare, chapter 5, part 1

As previously mentioned, my small group is studying spiritual warfare by reading "Lord, is it warfare?" by kay arthur. Here's my thoughts and interpretations on chapter 5.

we started out this week be comparing "the future of the lost and the redeemed" based on revelation 20:11-22:21 

the future for the lost:
-be in a lake that burns like second death
-outside of heaven's gates 

the future of the redeemed:
-no tears
-no death
-no crying
-no pain
-glory and honor of nations in it
-no more night
-no more curse

we then looked at ephesians 2 to compare "what life is like under satan and under god."

life under satan
-dead in sin
-separated from Christ
-gratify cravings of flesh & follow its desires & thoughts {{a slave to sin}}

life under God
-citizens with God's people
-saved by grace
-made alive with Christ
-he is our peace
-becoming a holy temple to the Lord

so, as you can see, there is a stark contrast between the current lives and futures for the lost and the redeemed. i mean, whoa!! it was very interesting for me to see all of the differences. it helped me to realize the importance of the fact that Jesus died on the cross for me {and you}!! he did this because he loved us so much he wanted us to be able to spend a life with him in eternity instead of a fiery lake and so that while we are here on earth we can live in the freedom of his grace!

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