Saturday, March 29, 2014

burgundy, business, cashmere, flowers, & mint

Hey y'all! i'm linking up with a sorta faith tale for 

burgundy shirt {like, my favorite go-to shirt}

shirt- banana republic, old

necklace: francesca's, old

business-ey wear 
i normally dress a lot more casual for work, but got inspired to dress up a lil bit! 

cardigan- h&m, old
pants- thrifted
shirt- ralph lauren, old

why, yes, that is my wedding dress by my foot. hao's mom was staying with us for the night & since i haven't gotten it properly preserved, its home is the bed that she was sleeping on for the night and has to be moved.

first option close-up. simple & cute.

another option.
belt- thrifted

close-up! i think this one is my favorite.

and a 3rd option

3rd option close-up.

shoes- michael's... like a zillion years ago

hao got me this sweater as a surprise gift... and i love it!

the lighting is horrible here {sorry!}... morning was the only time i had to take pics and this is what came out :/

sweater- ralph lauren, just purchased but not on website anymore

pants- h&m, old

you can't see it here, but there's a cute little shoulder patch on the right shoulder. 

i love flowers!! this shirt is cute & comfy!!

shirt- h&m, old
sweater- francesca's, old
pants- forever 21, old

tried to take some pics outside today!!

coat- jcrew
scarf- i don't remember, lol
bag- celine

it didn't last too long. the light was kinda weird on our porch. i'll figure it out eventually! 

sweater- forever 21, old
skirt- target, old

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