Saturday, March 22, 2014

san fran & china. part 1

over my Christmas break, hao and i traveled to san francisco and to then onto three cities in china: shanghai, chongqing {hao's hometown}, and hong kong. 

i'm going to let the pictures tell most of the story. but just so you know.. it was a lot  of fun!! the worst part was the jet lag- 13 hour difference- but i loved it. i can't wait to go back!!

to make to posts shorter, i'll split them up into 4 parts, i part for each city. we'll start with san fran & the flight to china:

the night we flew into san fran.

view from our hotel room about 5 am the next day. since we were 3 hours behind NC in san fran, i woke up super early.
our view of san fran as the sun comes up, around 7am
the view from our hotel room. so gorgeous!

we decided to get one of those big bus tours where we could get on and off and tour on our own. it was a great choice. this is what we do while we ride, lol. 

our first stop was the "painted ladies" where the opening of full house is filmed. i was so excited to see this!!

love this show! growing up, i watched this like every day! anyone else watch this show?
image credit:

stand in front of the painted ladies! it was actually pretty cold outside.
a better lit picture. 
hao and i 

then we went to the golden gate bridge

you can see Alcatraz from the bridge. such a gorgeous view!

we chose a great day to visit. clear and pretty :)

sometimes, we are silly

us in front of the bridge.
i was so cold. forgot my scarf in the hotel room. the hot chocolate there was surprisingly good.

love this shot with the skyline in the background and the view of the tourists and the trolly.
riding on the bus.

hao looking out the window when we came back for an afternoon nap.

afternoon views from our room.

alcatraz from pier 39

the seals at pier 39

panorama of pier 39... my iPhone does take some  pretty good shots!

love this shot of the pier, the seals, the skyline, and the sun.

neat looking house. 

such an interesting building.

the transamerica building on our way back to the hotel to pack up and check out to get on our flight to china!

i loved san fran! hao and i hope to eventually go back and get to see more of the city, since we were there for only a day. my favorite part was... you probably guessed it... seeing the painted ladies. it was also fun walking around the main square and visiting the 7 story macy's. i ended up buying a new suitcase there because my carry on was falling apart. a great souvenir! 

plane flight:
we were able to fly in style! we actually left on christmas eve and then arrived the day after christmas because china is 13 hours ahead.

hao's favorite perk- dom perignon 

what kept us awake until dinner... at 2am. 


this was the first time i'd flown overseas and we were fortunate enough to be able to fly first class, which i am extremely grateful for. we flew on singapore airlines and they were amazing. the service was absolutely fantastic and the food was delicious. i didn't know that airplane food could be that good and the seats could be that cozy :)
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