Sunday, March 2, 2014

observation, PD day, and weekend wear

outfits for the later part of the week.
warning: tons of selfies ahead.
also, ya won't see shoes worn in some of these posts because we try not to wear shows upstairs. guess where my full-length mirror is?

today {sunday}

 my attempt at being silly.
shirt from {their items change frequently, so the shirt isn't available anymore}
these jeans are forever old from {no pun intended, haha}


 david yurman inspired bracelets from

 my wedding band :) #loveit

 close-up of part of the pattern on my shirt

earrings/hair with my new painting in the background {post on that to come soon!!}
this is about as artsy as it gets right now, lol.

friday. professional development day.

coat from they don't have it anymore, but always have tons of classic stuff.
boots from they are also from winter season and sold out. 

sweater from last winter. if you can't tell, i keep clothes for a while.
necklace from
same jeans as sunday. 

jewelry close-up

boots close-up
with the jacket.
jacket is super old, given from my sister-in-law, purchased at jcrew.
colored jeans from jcrew as well, last winter.
shirt from target. {similar}

 without the jacket

jewelry close-up.
earrings from jewel box.
necklace purchased at a boutique in thruway shopping center in winston-salem.

 wednesday. observation day
shirt from ralph lauren.
cardigan from
belt, thrifted
necklace from
slacks, thrifted
i curled my hair to spice things up a bit!

 bracelet from booth at the reading conference i mentioned in my last fashion post.

and my tried-and-true bracelets and watch :) 
i was running late for work that day. it's 7:30 and i haven't left yet! 
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