Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 minute "sock" bun tutorial

here's my take on the "sock" bun:

whatcha need:

1. since this is done on 2nd day hair, sometimes i will use dry shampoo to bring back the bounce in my hair. i highly recommend this product! it really works! 

2. hair spray for hold and those pesky flyways.

3. a gripper headband
4. a hair twistie {not pictured}
3. a sick bun roller to match your hair color {pictured in step 3} 

6. a teaser brush to smooth the bun
{on a side note, notice the show playing ion my ipad? yeah, i love to watch netfilx when i get ready.}

the steps: 
step 1. spray dry shampoo and put gripper headland in hair. push back a lil ways.

step 2. pull hair back and loosen a little between headband and pony, then between headband and hairline to give a little lift and so your hair isn't super flat to your head.

step 3. grab your sock bun roller and put your fingers in the middle.

step 4. grab ponytail at base, near the hair tie.

step 5. pull hair through. leave a tiny bit of space between sock bun roller and hair tie.

see the small space?

step 6. split your hair in two or three chunks.

step 7. grab a chunk of hair and tuck it under the sock bun roller.
then repeat step 7 until all chunks are tucked in.

here's what the first tuck looks like

step 8. after all the chunks are tucked in, push the sock bun roller down to the hair tie and smooth/spread the bun with this teaser brush and spray with hairspray. 
*if ya have some flyways, brush them down with the teaser brush and spray as well.*

the final look! 

the first time you try this, it may take more than five minutes. but after you've done it a coupla times, it will seriously only take you five minutes!! i love doing this on the days where the weather is crazy or when i like to sleep in :) 

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