Monday, September 7, 2015

Testing Strategy Anchor Charts & Storage

First, here's the two testing strategies poster I"m going to use this year:
I love how simple & easy to remember this strategy is!

No, short answer questions are not on our state test. But we have common assessments throughout the year and they are. I'm glad that they have the short answer questions because our students will be assessed by multiple choice as well as short answer questions in high school & college. Part of our job is to prepare our middle schoolers for high school! 

I store them on hangers with clips. I've learned to put the clip on the ends and put the top in-between the wire. It helps hold the clips still when you're trying to put the anchor chart in.

I hang my anchor charts on a nail in my closet. I put a clothespin at the end of the nail so they don't fall off when I open the door (I learned that one the hard way!) 
The good thing about the clothes pins is that you can put more than one chart per hanger. I've organized mine by unit and write the unit on the back. Super easy!! 

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