Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lord Provides

The other day I just had a heavy heart. I felt like it was so heavy I couldn't even function. I was snappy and overwhelemed. Hao made a comment that I could normally handle and I had to leave the room because I teared up. Of course he apologized. And what he said wasn't even a big deal at all. Even though I'd had a great day, I just couldn't handle it. I'd had enough.

I was still feeling the stress/heaviness the next day. When I got to work, though, I received so many hugs & positive words. It was just what I needed! It just amazes me when the Lord gives you what you need- even when you don't ask for it. He just knows our needs and loves us so much he gives us what we need without us even having to think twice.

He knew my heart was crying out to him, so he answered my cry just like he did when the Israelites were traveling in the desert. Even though they were whining and complaining, he still heard their cry and responded, giving them exactly what and how much they needed. No one went hungry.

This story is such a great reminder that He gives us exactly what need. Not more. Not less.

If you want to post this in your home or office, you can find a printable version here.

When has the Lord provided for you? Was there a time He gave even when you didn't ask?

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