Wednesday, September 10, 2014

this skirt will never be worn again.

skirt: h&m
shirt: target
cardigan: talbots
heels: guess, belk
bracelet: h&m

and the reason why this skirt won't be worn again?

this happened when i used the restroom at lunch because i am lazy and didn't want to have to re-tuck my shirt in. 

yep. it sure did. i mean, it was tight when i put it on that morning, but i didn't think anything of it. had to go almost half a day with this. i sat a lot. 


  1. Ha! Oh Well. At least it was H&M and not Dolce & Gabbana. Can you fix it at all. What a shame!

  2. Good point! I'm not much of a sewer, so it's already in the trash, lol!