Thursday, September 4, 2014

baby shower decoration crafts for busy people.

craft #1: banner with the baby's name
1. banner making kit {comes with banner pieces and twine to hang} 
2. letters with adhesive already on them
{these were right beside of each other in michael's!} 

1. put the letters on each banner piece {we made one with the baby's name, for the food table, and for the gifts table. it took two banner kits to do this.}
2. cut small holes into the top of each banner piece 
3. thread the twine though the holes


craft #2: small bottles with ribbon for the tables 
1. ribbon
since there is a cute little baby boy on the way, we chose yellow & blue for the ribbon colors.

2. hot glue gun
my favorite hot glue gun. it may not be cute, but it works really well! 

3. small vintage bottles

directions: {for each bottle}
1. figure out where you want your ribbon to go on the bottle and what ribbon combo you would like to use. be creative! the more ribbon you have, the more creative you can get!
2. hot blue the ribbon on the bottles!

tip: you want to make an odd number amount of bottle for each table so that the placement of the bottles on the table looks right

here's what everything looked like at the shower:
 the banners-

the vases-

>>>post on what i wore to the shower coming tomorrow! <<<


  1. This is so incredibly cute! I LOVE the bottles. Def pinning :)

  2. This is adorable! I love the banner. So easy and personal.

  3. Thanks, Caroline! These small bottles are from my wedding & I have used them over & over again!!

  4. Thank you! It ended up being pretty prefect!