Thursday, August 28, 2014

blog, inc. chapters 1-4

currently, i am reading Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho along with some amazing local bloggers! we met up recently at the fabulous Maxie B.'s to discuss the book, blogging, and life.

everything ended up coordinating... 

{listed left to right}
madison from wetherills say i do
ginny from buttergirl diaries
caroline from fit pink mom
katie from twin stripe
sarah from joyfully organized

cutest place ever!!

some big takeaways from the book so far:
>>figure out what will make your blog special, and do that!
>>establish a consistent look and tone throughout the blog
>>be authentic
>>your style of writing should reflect your point of view and the way you naturally write, think, and talk
>>another blogging newsfeed is networked blogs
>>some ways to use twitter:
     .links to sites featuring something you liek or find helpful
     .sneak peaks
     .behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work or inspiration
>>how to respond to negative blog comments and just comments in general

i really loved meeting up with all the ladies! we had some great convos about blogging and life. getting together with the girls is always fun, especially when you have common ground and can get some good tips from each other!

we are now reading chapters 5-7, which focus on making your blog a business and growing your blog. i can't wait to share the rest of the book with you on 9/18 :)

>>>post on what i wore to the meet-up tomorrow!<<<


  1. Yay! It was such a fun meetup & I'm so glad I got to meet you :)

  2. It was! I had a great time chatting and hanging out!

  3. It was a ton of fun! Can't wait for the next!

  4. Love love love! It was so great to meet you! I'm kicking myself for not getting my post on this finished yet.