Monday, July 28, 2014

summer sandwich

this is my favorite summer time lunch :)  

here's whatcha need:
1. sandwich meat: i have honey ham
2. cheese: i have swiss here
3. mayo: if you don't want to use mayo, you could also use guacamole or hummus

4. bread: i use sandwihxh thins. that way the bread doesn't get stuck in the roof of your mouth... and it's less calories. win-win.

5. broccoli sprouts: gives ya some veggies, and they are super good for ya! 

here's watcha do:
1. spread the mayo on the bread & add broccoli sprouts 

2. add cheese & meat {i add a piece of cheese & two pieces of meat on top of each slice of bread}

3. aaaaaand you're done! 

you'll notice the sandwich is on a paper towel. why dirty a plate when you can just use a paper towel? #lazy

ya gotta have some tea, too :) 

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