Thursday, July 31, 2014

blog, inc {a book for bloggers: reading & discussing}

madison of Wetherills Say I Do & i are pairing up to read the book blog, inc. by joy cho. {i think she's super cool cause she's asain, and i married a hot asain man. just sayin.}

we thought it'd be an awesome idea to not only read the book together, but to also get together and discuss the book and just blogging stuff in general. the local meet-up would be in the triad area {greensboro or high point}, wherever is the most convenient for all of us.

we have decided to split the book up into two different parts, meeting up to discuss chapters 1-4 on august 23 & chapters 5-7 on september 13. we will then post about the book & the discussion the following thursday {8/28 & 9/18}

comment below if you're interested in reading along with us! and check out madison's blog she's posting about this today as well... and she's basically amazing!

here are some other shots of the book to give you a little more info about it:

this book would be great for someone who's interested in starting in a blog, a newbie blogger, or someone looking to refresh their blogging skills! all are welcome to join!! i am a newbie blogger, so we can learn together :)


  1. Yayyy! I can't wait to get started :) You're basically awesome too ;)

  2. I always love like 'book-clubbing' books and I've been looking for a book like this for awhile so I'll be sure to have a look for it. Thanks for sharing :)