Sunday, June 29, 2014

plans & dreams.

as y'all who have been reading for a while know, life has been rather tough lately. things just aren't going as planned. i've really had to trust the Lord with my plans, or rather His plans, what He wants with my life. i've had to let go of what i thought my life would be like, how i thought my life should go and let God direct me.

this means i've spend a lot of time in prayer, in his word, and just listening. driving to and from work have been especially powerful. some moments were good & some were rough. it's the place where i have no one else needing my attention and can just think. sometimes i had ah-ha moments and sometimes i just got frustrated. i tend to over-think things, which gets me into trouble. stupid satan loves to use that for his gain. anyways, before i ramble too much, the point is we make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps {proverbs 16:9}.

we make all these plans for our lives. sometimes they happen, and sometimes the Lord takes those plans we made and throws them away for the plans that He has planned for us. the plans that are better than we could ever imagine. this is what He has done for me- He has guided me where He wants me to be and given me opportunities far beyond what i could ever imagine. if you saw friday's post  you'll know that i've got own url, going from a to a .com & i've started my own business. if you'd asked me a few months ago if this was my plan, i would have said no. but this is where the lord has led me and it's much better than i could ever have imagined!

here are some of the scriptures that have really comforted me while i've bee trying to figure things out:


  1. Hi Aunty(please permit me to call you that, as it is not in my custom address elderly people with their names except on a formal note, where you add 'Mr or Mrs'). I'm hopping n from Faith and Fellowship blog hop. Thanks for sharing and for the encouraging scriptures too. They encourage me each time I read them. Sometimes we experience frustrations, disappointments and all of that to get us to a place where we can truly discover what plans God has for us.

  2. i understand how you feel. i'm in the same kinda funk. plans aren't really taking place as i hoped but i'm still trusting Him for direction. He will lead us.

    stopping by from jack of all trades link up.

  3. <3 I totally get this. Definitely been there before. I'll keep you in my prayers!