Wednesday, June 18, 2014

life verses {printables}

these are some of the verses that have inspired hope & change in my life. these are the verses that speak the most into my life and i live my life by.

so, as you already know, the past few months, okay, half a year, have been rather tough. this is the verse that has gotten me through it all. it even inspired me to get a cute little tattoo on my ankle so that everytime i look dow, i remember who my hope & security are in.
you can find the printable here.

this is such a great reminder that not only does God have it all under control, he also wants what is best for us. he plans, and those plans will come true. 
you can find the printable here.
 a few years ago, i realized i talk a lot. i'd never really thought about it before. but then it made me think, how much of it is positive?
you can find the printable here.

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