Sunday, May 11, 2014

she knew who she was in Christ

man, i so struggle with this- knowing who i am in Christ. i seriously deal with insecurity. i have my whole life. i will til the day i die. now, have  dealt with it? yes. am i better than i was this time last year? yep. we all have things we struggle with & insecurity is definitely mine. it comes and goes, ya know? some times- for days, weeks, months at a time- i feel great! and then one morning, or one ridiculous comment, i feel horrendous.

i really worry if people like me, if/when i said something stupid, did i make someone mad, did i hurt someone's feelings, about every awkward moment i have in day {and there are a lot... i feel awkward a lot}... and it can wear a girl down!!

if i'd just realize who i am in him, my life would be so much easier! he developed me for a specific purpose & i need to trust in that instead of being silly & worrying and being insecure all the darn time.

i stumbled on this quote and just had to make a picture with it; it's actually the background on my computer. i NEED to remember this!!

if we know who we are in Christ and accept what He has given us, it gives us the opportunity to dream big! we will know what our talents are and be able to figure out how God wants us to use them. we will be able to be satisfied with who we are, what our paycheck is, what our flaws are, and no one can use them against us, especially not the silly devil who just loves to mess with us. we will be able to overcome the devil when we know who we are in Christ.

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  1. Yes yes yes. Insecurity is real, yet God is bigger and greater and good.

  2. you're right, Lura. when we know who we are in Christ, we don't make room for negativity, we allow ourselves to thrive and to choose joy.