Monday, May 26, 2014

Ralph Lauren style: 2014 olympics

happy Memorial Day everyone! today's outfit is inspired by good 'ol the red,white, & blue!
thank you to everyone who has given any part of their life to support our country- you are appreciated!

my wonderful hubby works for Ralph Lauren, so i have a few lot of RL gear. last week Hao surprised me with bringing home some gear RL did for the 2014 winter olympics. for those of you that don't know, RL does all the gear for USA in the olympics. i was so excited i had to wear it to work on Monday. {yes, i am one of those people who wear the clothes they purchased right away as soon as they are clean} he was able to get me a shirt & half-zip sweater.

since i have a fair amount of RL gear, i will be posting more RL outfits as the summer goes on; maybe even some this week ;)

the shirt

the half-zip sweater {my favorite... i want to wear it like everyday}
 we have to stand in the hallway at class changes. this is how i stood basically all day. the sweater with pockets- so comfy! 

*these items are not available for purchase anymore* 

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