Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Influenster Mary Kay Vox Box

Honestly, I typically don't love Mary Kay products. I have a friend that sells the products & when she asked me to come to a party, I said I would come to support her but I would not purchase anything. Well, I have bee converted.
 Even the box was cute!!

A breakdown of each product:
>Lash Love Mascara: I ended up liking this mascara more than I thought I would. It's not as thick as the mascara I normally use, but it's still pretty good!

>Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist: Just colorful enough to have some pizzaz, yet still a classic/neutral I can wear with many outfits/seasons/lip glosses.

>Mineral Cheek Color in Sky Blush: I really really like this color! It's not as bright as what I normally use. This will be a perfect blush for summer!

>Translucent Loose Powder: I am quite excited about continuing to use this. It felt good & light on my skin, which was definitely a plus.

>Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator in Jet Black: I've never used eye liner like this before... I've always been too scared. But I am so glad I tried it! Though it did take a couple tried, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

>Bronzing Power: I used this to contour my face... for the first time ever. I love the directions on the left side of the picture below. They really helped. I didn't really see a whole lot of a difference, but I also didn't put a whole lot of product. I'm looking forward to using it again!

>NouriShine Lip Gloss: I was pleasantly surprised at how good this looked on me! This has already been put in my purse :)

>Eye Color Brush: This came in handy with the cream eye color. I will definitely be putting this to good use!

>Blush Brush: This came in a a perfect time! I needed a new one and love this one so far!

 I love how the catalog had some directions, which really cam in handy when I went to use the bronzer & do my cat eye.

The finished product. Will I try cat eyes again? Doubt it. Just not me. But I love the liner! One day, when I'm brave enough again, I want to try to use the liner on the top & bottom of my eye. Maybe I'll do a post about it ;) 

If you'd like to check out their website, you can do so here. Do you have any Mary Kay products you just adore? 
{{This box was given to me c/o influenster, but the opinions are all my own!!}}

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