Friday, April 18, 2014

Week After Spring Break Fashion

Today i'm linking up with Glitz n Grits for that fresh friday!

the first week back from break is always tough. glad i got through it; there seemed to be demons out all week!! at least my outfits were cute ;) 

monday. it was cold and rainy. love, love, love this outfit!! it made the first day back a lil better.

sweater:old navy
blouse: target {notice a theme yet?}
pants: gap
boots: jcpenny

tuesday. PINK!!

dress: target
boots: ralph lauren
cardigan: target 

wednesday. a lil easter egg! one of my students told me i should wear this on easter, lol. 

sweater: ralph lauren
shirt: old navy
pants: jcrew factory {exact}

thursday i wore the outfit from the rehearsal dinner over spring break in {this post}.

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