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San Fran and China: Part 3, Chongquing

warning: this is post is loooong... but filled with some good pics ;) 

a cute lil three-wheeled taxi

one of the borough city centers

i thought it was hilarious to see this huge truck. not what i expected! 

another borough city center shot

they wanted to interview hao. he said no. beyond that, i have no idea what was said, haha.

inside of one of the many, many malls in the area. each one had 4-7 stories.

hao eating the food in the pic below. the man's expression behind him is pretty funny. 

traditional style buildings.

gas station... and tons of apartments.

i'm not really sure what this is called. it's kind of like an indoor shopping mall. this is the daytime view.

some sights in another borough  

building made out of gold! 

... and more buildings...

foreigners street {it's like a carnival/fair that's open year round}

noodles. hao was pretty excited about this.

hand-made meat on a stick. this was either chicken or duck- i forgot which one, haha.

this cost us .30 cents in american dollars

...and more buildings...
a lot of buildings do not have central air, so each place has their own. and there are plants on top... so nice. some apartments even have their own rooftop.

i thought it was really neat how there would be restaurants or shops and then apartment buildings on top. super convenient! hao said that when he lived in this city he would just go down the elevator and get his dinner. very different than winston! 

my first time eating on the street. love these noodles {and i don't normally like noodles- they're like slimy worms}. 

a lot of people don't have dryers, so they dry their clothes on their balconies. you can see the air conditioning units as well. so different!

so, again, not sure what this place is called, but it's like an outdoor market. there were solo many people here!! 


i did not try this.

it's funny when you take pics and catch people in action. 

making peanut candy. as hao says, "smashing nuts".

this woman hand makes the caramel on a stick. watching her is amazing! 

panorama of waterside. even though it was a foggy day, it was still pretty! 

love the buildings and how they were build into the mountain side. so pretty! 

next we went to the hot springs. there were all different hot spring pools: rose, lavender, the kind where the fish eat the dead skin off your feet, barrels, etc. most were outside. there was also a spa and a place to take naps in comfy chairs with tbs, though it was all in chinese!  

first mcdonald's in asia. very different that home. the burgers has a different sauce and the nuggets came with garlic chili sauce instead of bbq sauce. 

after i had my mcdonald's, hao and his brother had hot pot, a specialty in his city and providence. this is hao's favorite meal. he ate this multiple times while we were there. 
you order a bunch of veggies and meat and let it cook in the hot pot, which is very spicy. 

sweet potato noodles.

this is the indoor shopping mall at night. this starbucks is on the 12th floor. the building is built into the hill, which is pretty common in this area.

i love the view of the traditional and modern here. 

i was amazed at the beauty.

view from the bottom. 

one of the malls at night

bridge with city view at night.

one borough city centers from earlier in the post at night.

so pretty :) and expensive! 

lunch with our individual hot pots. since i got to have my own, i was able to try it. so good! the lotus root in the bowl with the oil is my favorite. i could eat it all day! 

hao's brother, me, and hao right before we left to go to the airport to head to hong kong! 

yes, more apartment buildings. i was surprised to see some american style buildings.

asain mountain dew at the airport.

asain pepsi 

this was an amazing city to visit, though i think i was the only american there. i loved getting to know hao's brother, seeing all the different places, and really being immersed into the culture- well, as much as i could for being there for a week. this city is not as much of a touristy place, so i got to see a lot more of day-to-day life and how hao grew up when he was younger. 

have you been to china? if you have, please share your post below!! i'd love to hear your experiences! 

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