Friday, April 11, 2014

Pursuing Peace

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another book that i am currently reading is called pursuing peace  by robert d. jones. i was very excited read that he is a fellow NC resident! his teachings aer very biblically sound and are scriputrally based, which, ya know, is very important!!

conficlict is not my thing, like at all. i will do everything in my power to absoluelty avoid it. which means that most of the time i just get mad and don't do anything about it and let it fester. which makes me even madder. so, it's not fun. that led me to purchase this book.

i am going to focus on P. 23 in this book where it discuss "relational peace with others". based on romans 12:18, there are 4 parts to this concept.

1. persue peace
"we must pursue peace as our christian duty. ... to fail to seek peace with people is to disobey God. we have no option."

2. with everyone
"we must address all of our relationships. our Lord does not permit us to ignore even one relationship or dismiss any individual. ... while this 'with everyone' standard is admittedly high, God's power makes his command less daunting."

3. leave results to God
"'if it is possible', paul reminds us, we should live at peace. he acknowledges that a peaceful reult may not be possible; we have no guarantee that the other person will follow God's peacemaking plan. as the old saying goes, 'it takes two to tango.'"

4. living & obedient sacrifice
"we must persue peace in light of God's mercy toward us in Christ. ... peacemaking is but one way we offer ourselves to God in sacrificial worship, and that obedience, like ever other command in romans 12, arises from the gospel of God's mercy in Christ."

this was just amazing to me!! it opened up a new perspective on having peace with others. after reading this i went back and read romans 12 and it was very eye-opening as well.

i'm learing right now that it's all about perspective. if i have the Lord's perspective in dealing with the people that cause conflict in my life, i am going to be able to be more peaceful with the people around me.

i love this book! if you would like to purchase it, you can find it here!

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