Sunday, April 6, 2014

Organizing Cards!

this is really a pretty simple craft/organization project for your wedding, baby shower, or Christmas cards! it took me about 30 minutes, and that was because i had soooo many cards and mementos! 

here's whatcha need:
1. cards/notes
2. hole puncher {you can purchase a similar one here, though i recommend getting one for 20 papers instead of 10}

3. binder. i can be a larger one or a smaller one, depending on the size and number of your cards. we had a lot of cards, so i knew i'd need a bigger one. 

1. organize your cards/mementos into piles. i put my wedding mementos like invitations and what not in the front.

then i organized the cards into what shower they were from or if they were from work people or family or mutual friends. {i sometimes overly organize, lol}

2. punch the holes and put them in the binder! to separate where they came from, i would punch some holes on the top 2 and then the next category i would punch the bottom two holes. you can see that in the pic below:

and, well, that's it!! 

a bottom view of the finished product! they barely fit into the binder!

since the binder wasn't that cute, i will be doing another post on decorating the binder soon!! 

Have any of you done something with their wedding materials? I'd love to hear your ideas!! 

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