Monday, March 17, 2014

curling hair with a straightener

happy st patty's day!
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still being [molly]

okay, so this is my first tutorial, so bear with me :)
this is the easiest way i've seen to curl your hair with a straightener. it's a loose and relaxed curl.

final product {excuse the cow-licked bangs, they are freshly cut}

my hair before. just after being blow dried.

don't forget to go ahead and turn your straightener on!! mine

step 1. twist the top half of your hair back into a bun or something along those lines. you want to make sure the top half of your hair is all the way up so you don't accidentally grab it with the straightener when you're working on the bottom half of your hair. {i speak of this from experience. it hurts!!}

so, normally you hold your straightener like this.
2. to achieve the lightly curled look, you want to hold your straightener the opposite. 
twist your hand, with your straightener in it, to the right if you're a lefty and to the left if you're a righty. {you should see me as i sit at my computer to typing this out. it's quite a sight.}

this is what happens when the photo timer goes off and you know you're not ready, lol.

3. then grab your hair and pull slowly tightly down. as you move down, hold the straightener tight on the hair, like squeeze it, and move slow {that's what gives it the curl} tip: you'll want to hold the bottom part of your hair to give you some resistance. you might want to hold the hair tighter than i am in this picture to help with the resistance and creating curl.

4. as soon as you're done, twist it tightly with your fingers.

5. repeats steps 2-4 over and over again until you're done with the bottom. it took me about 5 or 6 different times. make sure you spray it with hairspray! i use john frieda hair spray

my first curl. don'tcha love the facial expressions?  

the bottom half done. not many layers here, so the curl is a little less obvious.

6. after you've sprayed the bottom half, move onto the top half, repeating steps 2-4 until you've done your whole head and let it cool. then spray it with hair spray... like lots! well, i tend to get a lil carried away with the hair spray, lol.
afterwards it's all done.

7. after your hair has cooled, run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls. 

8. then finger style and spray with the some hair spray {last time, i promise!!}

one more selfie with the finished look.

random side note: this shirt is super special to me. hao proposed in central park, nyc almost a year ago and when i found this at old navy this fall, i just about died from excitement! also, it's wrinkly cause i don't iron. haha.

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  1. looks so good- mine never does, might try again.

    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

    1. thanks! if you do, i'd love to hear how it goes! happy monday :)

  2. Oh my goodness it looks great!! Totally going to have to try this tomorrow for work!!

  3. thanks! i'd love to know how it goes! ps- love the new button on your blog ;)

  4. Well of course! Gotta spread the love!!!