Thursday, March 13, 2014

a spring wreath

for my spring wreath, i decided to make my own. 

it was really easy!

all you need is:

1. a wreath, any wreath

2. white letter {i did our last initial} 

3. command hooks

4. string/twine {i ended up using the twine that the wreath was held to the box with}

all ya have to do is:
1. stick the command hook on the letter UPSIDE DOWN
2. use some string/twine and tie the letter to the wreath by way of the hook. with this wreath, i was able to thread the twine through part of the wreath. 
3. adjust the string/twine to the correct length at which you'd like the letter to hang. this took me a few tries, but wasn't super difficult. you can't even see the twine :)

the final product! 

this wreath was so much fun to make! it was super easy and it was a gorgeous day outside! win-win :) 

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